About me

I am a PhD student in computer science at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am working in the GAMMA lab under the superivision of Dr. Dinesh Manocha. My research interests involve virtual reality, human perception, human-computer interaction, computer vision, and non-photorealistic rendering.

I graduated with a B.S. with High Honors in Computer Science from Davidson College. During my time at Davidson, I worked in the DRIVE lab, where I was advised by Dr. Tabitha Peck. My undergraduate thesis studied redirected walking thresholds under different conditions and how we can efficiently estimate them. You can find that thesis here.

In my free time I enjoy drawing and playing Tetris.

Recent News

  • June 2019: One paper accepted to ISMAR 2019!
  • May 2019: I graduated from Davidson College.
  • May 2019: I passed my undergraduate thesis defense with high honors.
  • April 2019: I won the senior computer science award at Davidson.
  • March 2019: I will join the University of Maryland, College Park as a PhD student in the fall.